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 Solvay SUPER CEROX® 1663

 The polishing powder of choice for optical glass applications 

​Achieve a superior finish with the polishing powder trusted by leading brands worldwide.


Savvy opticians and other precious optics providers worldwide rely on SUPER CEROX® 1663 polishing powder to achieve a superior finish for their specialty products.

“To ensure the polishing process is as efficient and effective as possible we rely upon SUPER CEROX® 1663.”


Discover why SUPER CEROX® 1663 is the polishing powder of choice for the optical glass industry

Created from rare earth oxides and metal compounds, SUPER CEROX® 1663 has earned its place as an industry-standard for polishing high-precision optics. Thanks to the strength of the Solvay R&D teams and expertise in raw earth polishing products, SUPER CEROX® 1663 contains a tightly controlled composition with specifically designed morphology and characteristics. This precise formulation lends unique effectiveness to the compound.

  1. Provides a superior finish for ophthalmic lenses and precision optics

  2. Outstanding performance on various polishing equipment under various conditions

  3. Flexible – can be used with a wide variety of glass types, pads, and machines

  4. Offers an exceptional balance of polishing efficiency and surface quality

  5. Consistently delivers high tolerance and yields

  6. Improved suspension properties

  7. Helps to avoid scratches

  8. Trusted by well-known worldwide brands


Key Uses of SUPER CEROX® 1663


SUPER CEROX® 1663 is extremely versatile and can be used with a variety of glass types, pads, and machines. Extended slurry lifetime means the powder will stay mixed well with water while you are polishing. Professionals use SUPER CEROX® 1663 in a variety of ways according to their specific needs. Some practical uses include applications such as:



Meeting customer expectations for lens quality is imperative to the professional success of any optician’s practice. Lens imperfections can result in returned products or lost profits. To avoid this, both mass producers of optical lenses and opticians
creating prescriptions rely on SUPER CEROX® 1663. Professionals place a slurry made of SUPER CEROX® 1663 in a polishing machine and buff. This effort helps remove specks and stains from lenses while ensuring they are not scratched The result is precision optical quality lenses that consistently meet exacting industry standards.


“We have consistently been pleased with the results SUPER CEROX® 1663 delivers – and so have our customers.”

Mr. N.J. Babu, COO, TFD, HHV Co. Pvt. Ltd.


Microscopes and telescopes

Small imperfections can make a huge difference in the ability to view the objects microscopes and telescopes devices were designed to make visible. When customers purchase products or send them in for servicing it is essential the lens be free of the specks and scratches that damage usability. So, to obtain a superior finish and avoid flaws, manufacturers rely upon SUPER CEROX® 1663 for polishing. A consistent polish, enabled by SUPER CEROX® 1663, results in fewer product returns,
and hence improved profitability.


Watch glass

For high-value watches, restoring the cover glass to the original “mirror effect” is one of the hallmarks of a successful repair. Additionally, watch crystals are often hard to replace, and this makes restoring these to an optimal polish essential. Watchmakers and repair technicians who aim to provide customers with a superior product regularly use buffing wheels in conjunction with SUPER CEROX® 1663 to remove scratches and specks. This enables professionals to achieve results that meet or exceed customer expectations.

Recognized quality

SUPER CEROX® 1663 is recognized by leading worldwide brands as providing exceptional value and delivering high-quality results, as expected. When manufacturers of high quality glass need to produce optimal results at scale, they rely upon SUPER CEROX® 1663. The great effectiveness of SUPER CEROX® 1663 helps professionals in numerous industries provide exceptional value for the investment, enabling businesses of all sizes to deliver higher quality results for their customers. Whether working at a large, manufacturing scale, or in smaller shops, savvy professionals in the optical glass industry choose the leading polishing powder, SUPER CEROX® 1663 with confidence.


“Our microscopes and vision products are known to perform flawlessly. To ensure we consistently provide a premium product, our process includes polishing with SUPER CEROX® 1663 polishing powder.”

Mr. Yashpal Sharma, Senior Manager Optics, Labotron Instruments Pvt. Ltd.

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